Cultivating a positive body-image

Cultivating a positive body-imageSaggy boobs. Jiggly belly. C-section scars. Stretch marks. Nursing boobs.

The body you had before having your kids is likely not the same as the one you have after, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a positive body-image. It doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate your femininity, even if you have to adjust your thinking a bit.

Having a positive body-image is a powerful feeling that will translate into many areas in your life. It gives you confidence in yourself, which will give you confidence in your decisions, work and family.

1. Start by working towards a healthier you ~ It’s hard to have a positive body image when you don’t feel good. Period. Whether that means feeding yourself the right foods, exercise or even a trip to the doctor to check your hormone levels, feeling good is key to feeling good ABOUT yourself. Being healthier is NOT about a number on the scale, but how you feel. Develop a Plan for feeling healthier and stick to it!

2. Change your idea of beautiful ~ Women are beautiful. Mothers, even more so. You have sacrificed your body in ways you never knew you would and chances are you would or may do it again, and that is beautiful. All your bumps and curves are gorgeous and when you start to agree, it will change the way you think and behave. Change your Perspective and be realistic with your idea of beautiful.

3. Fake it ~ Maybe you don’t feel good about your body. That’s ok! We all have days, weeks or even months when we feel blah. Start by paying attention to yourself with a little self-care. Put on some jewelry, wear a favorite shirt, take a bubble bath, or read a book. Create some “Me Time” and spend time pampering yourself in whatever way feels best.

4. Commit to long term positive body image ~ You have to commit to yourself every day to feel good about yourself and your amazing body. As you treat yourself better by seeking to be healthy and appreciative of your body, your body image will naturally improve. Being Persistent with a long-term commitment will benefit you and your family in the long run.

5. Be an example ~ When we constantly speak in a negative manner about our bodies, our children absorb that information and translate it into their own negative body image. I don’t want my girls to grow up and think that their bodies are ugly just because they had a baby. Do you?

6. Look at the bright side ~ Replace negative self-talk, with positive statements. Focus on the things you like about yourself and your body. Maybe it’s your smile or your eyes. Maybe you have a nice tush. Focus on the positive and stop the constant negative self-talk. Write positive messages on your mirror as a daily reminder of how wonderful your body is. You don’t have to be a perfect 10 to cultivate a positive body-image. Be Pliant with yourself and stop being frustrated with your imperfections.

7. Focus on other talents/hobbies as well ~ Obsessing over a wrinkle or losing a few pounds isn’t good for anybody. Spend some time appreciating your talents and hobbies. You have much to offer and learning to appreciate all of you is a great way to increase your self-esteem and improve your body-image. If you have something you’ve always wanted to try, then try it! Having a positive body image requires some maintenance on the inside as well!

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