How to cope with illness

How to cope with illnessI sat on the hard linoleum floor at 2:30 a.m. rocking my 3 year-old while I waited for his nausea to pass. I had been up with him for a couple of hours already and exhaustion was beginning to set in. He settled down into my lap and eventually drifted off, no longer clutching his tummy. I finally tucked him back into his bed around 3 and prayed he would sleep the rest of the night.

As I slipped back into my own bed to grab my first real sleep of the night, I knew my plans for the next day would be drastically different now. I drifted off to sleep, but was awoken again around 6:30 a.m. by another tummy ache, this time my 5 year-old. As my other children woke up one-by-one, they complained of Continue reading